Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)






Business Continuity Planning (BCP) &
Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)


Businesses with direct or indirect dependencies to their IT  infrastructure that cannot afford losing data records or even downtime of their facility, whether having just a single Internet server or large interconnected network, need to manage the risks that are involved in inevitable incidences that one day may change their life;


In risk management we can: Accept, Control, Avoid or Transfer the risks (also known as: Tolerate, Treat, Terminate and Transfer or Retention, Mitigation, Elimination and Insurance), but total avoidance is impossible, it requires to discontinue using IT infrastructure, that’s quiet impossible too; Thus Business Continuity Planning (BCP) comes into play; Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) is part of BCP;


Prevention plans against devastating consequences of  computer and IT infrastructure incidents and disasters can be viewed in different aspects:

ITech Frontiers™ primary business activity falls into BCP/DRP categories, but we dedicatedly offer Security measures and On-site and Off-site DRP planning, implementation and deployment service from above list, for most businesses they don’t need to be afraid about the first two items (Environmental & Hardware level) at least for their Internet related Servers, due to utilizing Data Center facilities or serviced offices, however these two items are also applied to their local offices;


Although we can offer general information regarding Environmental or Hardware level aspects but to comply with regulations in example Fire Prevention may require licensed professionals and authorities certification;

In general ITech Frontiers™ does not conduct Environmental and Hardware Level BCP/DRP.


Information Security in our field is described by: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Non-Repudiation.