Managed Security Services (MSS)



Businesses of any size Outsource Security Measures and Deployment:


In practice, by considering network complexity, securing it is becoming increasingly difficult, while all business networks are under attack and the attacking rate is increasing exponentially every year.


Not all businesses equipped with work force, expertise or resources to handle these abuses and attacks; from one side network and IT infrastructure must be secured and the other side access to the resources must be granted to employees, partners, customers and public where and when appropriate, that makes securing infrastructure a true challenging job.


Today, businesses of any size outsource security measures deployment due to cost effectiveness, reliability and access to dedicated expertise.


Developing in-house security measures usually is not reliable, and consumes lots of effort and resources, and access to expertise is not available or efficient; it is important to have solutions in timely manner in case of disasters.


SMB administrators who insist to make in-house security solutions learn it in the hard way that their efforts are extended to the complete resources of SMB (Small & Medium Size Businesses).