Managed Security Services (MSS)



Our MSS Services:


ITech Frontiers™ has been developing security measures and deploying them since 2000, codes and programming techniques utilized are also cannot be used from yesterday development and need to pass several tests and only mature codes and techniques can be used in such developments.


Data collection and solution making are other parts of the problem; during years we have been offering our products and services as parallel solutions or monitoring ones just for collecting and testing methods, also have been utilizing and maintaining several HoneyPots on the Internet, for observing attackers and building solutions against their activities.


Current clients that have been with us for years now, are completely aware from the progress that we have made, every project and step we’ve taken absolutely reduced their hassle, even our support requirements, this ongoing progress continues at ITech Frontiers.


We offer Managed security services based on: NSS (Network Secure Suite) as a perimeter based security or based on secure suite as a combination of both perimeter and host based solutions.