ITech Frontiers Secure Suite



Update Agents


Keeping systems up-to-date is very critical in securing IT infrastructure; update agents not only make sure the daemons and OS are up-to-date but also update policies and customized packaged, kernel and configurations.


Updating the system happens on a daily basis during cron job intervals, but this method opens up window of vulnerability in case where a new package or bug fix is out but the cron job hasn’t reached the time of checking for updating the system.



To minimize this risk the Update Agent shipped with Secure Suite updates the systems based on changes and bug fixes released out and priorities rather than just a predefined periodic (usually on a daily basis) for updates.

This approach minimizes the window of vulnerability which is the timeframe between a bug fix is discovered until it is patched or applied to a system, during this timeframe every system using older version of the software is virtually vulnerable to exploits.