Network Security Suite (NSS)



NSS New Frontiers


NSS can help reduce operation costs and complexities by correlating the data collected across dispersed sources into a single actionable event.


NSS enables service providers Managed Security Services by detecting and mitigating attacks against customers with flexible reporting and customer login access.


NSS applies some of the world's most advanced security algorithms based on the revolutionary concepts of Information-Entropy.


These new algorithms learn the uncertain, unforeseen and fuzzy characteristics of Internet traffic as well as its intrinsic structure while monitoring and profiling the health of the traffic itself - all in real-time. This fusion of total network view and world-class analytics allows NSS to detect a large variety of attacks, ranging from highly Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) to slow propagating Worms, while constantly adapting to the dynamics of the network.


While NSS is the ideal solution for today's complex carrier networks, the same investment can take you into the future of IMS-based Services over IP. By simply configuring additional modules, NSS can monitor the traffic from next-generation services such as VoIP and IPTV - all without a system-wide upgrade.